Stirling Homeopath


Joanne gave me great support to help me through an extremely stressful period, with a number of health and other issues.  Her homeopathic knowledge and understanding helped me to gain greater insight into my health and stress issues and how to handle them.  And I would have no hesitation in contacting her again in the future for any other health problems for me or my family

Thank you for considering homeopathy with the Heather Clinic. Joanne Brown is a professionally trained homeopath working in Stirling, Scotland. Homeopathy can help with most complaints including physical conditions, stress, emotional difficulties, hormonal disturbances and some chronic conditions. Joanne would be delighted to speak to you before making an appointment. Please get in touch.

“The documented results from thousands of experienced homeopaths and from millions of their patients’ clearly show that these small individualised doses can produce profound health benefits.”