Stirling Homeopath


A year ago my five year old son got a diagnosis of Child Autism; he spoke only a few words and had behavioural issues. I had never used homeopathy before and had no idea how it worked, I just new it existed through some of my friends, so I decided to try and find someone specialised in treating autistic kids and that is how I found Joanne. The results of the treatment were quite evident very soon after; a year on my son’s speech and behaviour have improved so much, he is calm and happy and has his own friends at nursery.
Mrs F, Glasgow

Thank you for considering homeopathy with the Heather Clinic. Joanne Brown is a professionally trained and published homeopath working in Stirling, Scotland. Homeopathy can help with most complaints including physical conditions, stress, emotional difficulties, hormonal disturbances and some chronic conditions. Joanne would be delighted to speak to you before making an appointment. Please get in touch.

“The documented results from thousands of experienced homeopaths and from millions of their patients’ clearly show that these small individualised doses can produce profound health benefits.”